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samedi 26 février 2022

Ukraine’s hybrid war is mutating par M.K Bhadrakumar N°5815 16e année

 Xi Jiping serait intervenu auprès de Vladimir Poutine pour qu’il approche le Président Zélenski et ce dernier a lancé un appel pour l’heure sans réponse. Mais, les heures prochaines pourraient nous réserver quelques pistes neuves et en politique bien des choses sont possibles comme une entente Poutine/Zélenski sous le regard chinois.

Le Président Zélenski a surpris par sa dignité et la noblesse de son message.


L’auteur : Diplomate indien qui fut ambassadeur à Moscou. C’est un bel esprit avec des analyses fines.


Article :

« The first signs of the dual track in Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine have surfaced. By Thursday evening, the Kremlin held out an olive branch to the Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky. 

Succinctly put, President Vladimir Putin expressed his preparedness to engage in discussions with his Ukrainian counterpart with a focus on obtaining a guarantee of neutral status for Ukraine and the promise of no offensive weapons on its territory. 

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said without elaborating, “The president formulated his vision of what we would expect from Ukraine in order for the so-called ‘red-line’ problems to be resolved. This is neutral status, and this is a refusal to deploy weapons.” 

Putin had made it clear in a nation-wide address Thursday morning announcing the launch of the military operation that the Russian objective narrowed down to “demilitarisation” and “denazification” of Ukraine. The latter refers to the ascendant neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine who have been acting as a state within the state and perpetrated atrocities against the ethnic Russian population. 

The Kremlin offer didn’t come out of the blue. A group of Ukrainian MPs also came out yesterday with an appeal calling on Zelensky, in an open letter, to start negotiations with Moscow. Interestingly, the group is led by Vadim Novinsky – a Ukrainian billionaire and one of the co-leaders of the Opposition Bloc, an association of over dozen political parties. The group also proposed direct consultations between the parliaments of the two countries.


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